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Hunter Henry talks Antonio Gates, Philip Rivers, and fantasy football

Few NFL rookie tight ends could have asked for a better situation than the one Hunter Henry had last season playing behind Antonio Gates with the Chargers. Henry joined The Jim Rome Show Friday and talked about what he learned from the 8-time Pro Bowler and the relationship they have developed.

“He’s one of the all-time greats. He’s unbelievable. It’s really special I get to be around a guy like that every single day and be in a room with him, learn from him, be around him,” Henry said. “We have a great relationship, he’s like a brother. Like a big brother to me. He’s done a lot for me. Just on and off the field.

“I’ve tried to pick up as much as I can as long as he’s here. But I think just is how smart he is and he’s picked up a lot, he’s 15 years in the league, he’s picked up a lot. Trying to learn from kind of what he sees when he’s running his routes, when he’s doing different things on the field.”

Being drafted by the Chargers also means Henry gets to catch passes from quarterback Philip Rivers, a surreal feeling at first for Henry last season.

“You remember watching him as a kid and playing with him on Madden and stuff like that, so it was kind of crazy. It was wild,” Henry said. “I remember catching my first ball from him like, ‘goodness, this is cool.’

“Like every time he throws a ball to you, it’s perfect. Oh my goodness, this is the NFL, this is crazy, but he is unbelievable. I could continue to say that day after day being around him. He’s one of the best.”

Late in the season with Henry’s on-field production increasing, the 22-year-old became a hot commodity in the world of Fantasy Football. The Arkansas Razorbacks product laughed at how quickly fantasy players began to know him.

“That was the funny thing I kind of found out last year, because I don’t think many people know me or even knew me last year, they just kind of knew I was this guy on fantasy and got them some points and won them a championship or something,” Henry laughed. “I don’t even know if people really know what I look like or who I am, but once I they heard my name, they’ be like ‘Oh yeah, you’re that guy that helped me win in fantasy.’”

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