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Huge Buzzkill From The District

Huge buzzkill from the District. And a massive letdown for the Eastern Conference playoffs- it looks like John Wall may not be a part of them anymore.

After Wall went down in Game 2, the Wizards have been in contact with multiple physicians about the injury to his hand and wrist. I’ll jump in on that. I’m not a doctor. But I just dialed up WebMD and learned that if a point guard has a fracture in his wrist – it’s not an encouraging diagnosis. John Wall has five fractures.

And the East officially has one less contender. Five fractures? Did he hit the court or get hit by a car? His status moving forward is uncertain, but one that’s totally clear- is that the dude’s wrist was so swollen that they couldn’t even examine it.

And I hate this. Because what have I said over and over – The only thing I root for is something to talk about. And the Wizards were killing it. Swept the Raptors. Rolled the Hawks on their home floor. And then Wall was writhing on the floor and we all got the Fail Horn.

Paul Pierce has said it himself: the Wiz will only go as far as Wall and Bradley Beal take them. He’s that important to them. And maybe even more important to me! Because I want Wiz-Hawks to go 7. I want the Eastern Finals to go 7 more. Nobody wants the East to be the D-League to the West’s NBA.

Sure Chris Paul’s been out with a hammy – but he’s almost back. Sure Mike Conley broke his face, he’s already back. Wall was on fire, playing the best hoop of his career, turning transitions into track meets – and we may not even see him til next season. He looked like the only guy in the NBA who can run a 4.3 forty, and now he’s got 5 fractures.

The Wizards looked like a team that could win the East, and now I’m not sure they make it out of this series. Shaking my damn head.

LBJ and D-Rose, looks like… It’s all yours.

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