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Hug It Out, Commish

So much for young kids dreaming about attending the NFL Draft. Because this year’s “cool kids” are stiff arming it.

Haven’t you heard? Forget cutting class, right now if you’re with the In crowd- you ditch the draft. Jameis Winston – Nah. Marcus Mariota- Aloha. Top tight end Maxx Williams- not feeling it. At this point is Roger Goodell even going to show up? Not a really good sign when the biggest name in the joint is gonna be Mel Kiper.

It’s starting to feel like a bad year at the Oscars. Rog having nobody to hand a jersey to when he starts the show… Is like when they break out the Best Actor Category and 4 of them aren’t even in the audience.

And I can’t even blame these guys. Jameis Winston doesn’t want to get 4 letter bombs screamed at him from the audience errrrrrr his grandmother can’t travel.

Marcus Mariota says it’s important for him to be in Hawaii with his family. Sure, I see that. But if he did show up, I can also see him getting no love from the War Rooms stewing in the green room. Jameis doesn’t want to get Boo’d. Marcus doesn’t want to get Brady Quinn’d. And Maxx Williams says he just feels like watching it at home.

The Shield can’t like it. But I can’t argue with it. Greatest day of your life, you can spend it: sitting around awkwardly sipping water with a bunch of strangers, waiting to go on stage and bear hug a strange man… Or staying at home, hitting the bean dip, having a party and hugging your friends and fam. No contest. No draft trip.

The surprise isn’t that these guys say no, it’s that anybody still says yes. Hug it out, Commish

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