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Howard Beck

Info & Stats: Bleacher Report NBA Columnist

All Topics: Celtics rallying and winning Game 3 is shocking | LeBron’s Game 3 | LeBron getting into it with a Cleveland fan after loss | Cleveland’s switch | NBA Finals trilogy | Likes Golden State in the Finals | NBA Draft lottery |

May 22nd 2017

Howard on the Cleveland fan mad at LeBron after their Game 3 loss to Boston: “I want to get his blood alcohol level.”

Nov 11th 2016

All Topics: In NYC Studio with Jim | NBA talk | New York Knicks basketball | Kevin Durant and Golden State | Klay Thompson’s play | JaVale McGee | 0-7 Philadelphia 76ers are fun | Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons | NBA coaches speaking out about Donald Trump being elected as President Of The United States | Dallas Mavericks | DeMarcus Cousins

Howard on if this is the season DeMarcus Cousins gets traded: “My gut tells me yes.”

July 6th 2016

All Topics: His article on the friction between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook | Westbrook’s blinders | OKC iso ball | Durant’s factors for leaving OKC | Durant receiving a ton of backlash | Durant is taking an easier route to a championship | Hot take nation | Russell Westbrook’s future in OKC |

Howard talks about Kevin Durant leaving OKC for Golden State.

June 20th 2016

All Topics: NBA Finals | Cleveland winning the NBA title | LeBron James’ greatness | James has a shot to be the best ever | Comparing generations | James still being in his prime | LeBron’s window is still open | LeBron’s future in Cleveland | LeBron’s ties to Ohio | Draymond Green is in some way Scott Norwood and Bill Buckner | NBA made the right decision to suspend Green

Howard on LeBron: “He’s right up there with the greatest who has ever been.”

June 3rd 2016

All Topics: NBA Finals | Warriors blowing out Cleveland in Game 1 | Golden State’s bench | LeBron’s Game 1 | Kyrie Irving needing to get others involved | Teams win championships | New York Knicks hiring Jeff Hornacek | Thinks Phil Jackson has evolved on offense |

Howard on if Cleveland loses to Golden State in the NBA Finals again: “It’s probably not going to be because of LeBron.”

Mar 24th 2016

All Topics: His piece “Brotherhood” on LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony’s relationship | LeBron and Melo meeting each other for the first time | LeBron’s and Melo’s high school teams playing each other | LeBron and Melo having a lot in common | Banana boat crew: LeBron, Melo, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade | Compartmentalizing | Melo’s career | Melo’s choices | LeBron’s situation in Cleveland right now | LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love | Cleveland’s postseason means everything | LeBron on social media | Why would LeBron unfollow his own team

Howard on if there’s a chance LeBron James could leave Cleveland again: “I can’t even fathom that would happen.”

Feb 10th 2016

All Topics: Golden State being 47-4 is insane | Golden State is so fun to watch | San Antonio Spurs | Can San Antonio play with Golden State? | San Antonio and Oklahoma City Thunder having the talent to play with Golden State | New York Knicks | Phil Jackson firing Derek Fisher | Kurt Rambis taking over for Fisher | James Dolan has been kind of been hands off since Jackson’s arrived | Blake Griffin | Griffin’s problems

Howard on Golden State being 47-4: “Insane.”

Dec 15th 2015

All Topics: NBA ref Bill Kennedy coming out gay in the wake of Rajon Rondo’s slur towards him | Friends with Kennedy | Violet Palmer coming out | Rondo’s ignorance | Rondo’s past incidents with refs | Rondo’s tweet | Rondo ducking the media | Golden State’s 24 game win streak ending | Golden State having so much fun in the win streak | Kristaps Porzingis | Porzingis’ demeanor | Kevin Durant’s play | Paul George |

Howard on Rajon Rondo: “I think he needs better PR advice.”

Jun 17th 2015

All Topics: Golden State winning the NBA title | Growing up in San Jose | His lifetime of Golden State basketball | Warriors have had a lot of bad owners | Steph Curry | Golden State being a true collaborative effort | Warriors effort to get Andre Iguodala | Iguodala’s class | Steve Kerr moving Iguodala into the starting lineup in Game 4 of the NBA Finals | 2014-15 Golden State Warriors rate as a great team | Warriors next season | San Antonio’s health | Western Conference next season | Health | Voting

Howard on the 2014-15 Golden State Warriors: “The consummate collaborative effort.”

Howard Beck

May 21st 2015

All Topics: The great J.R. Smith last night vs. Atlanta | The good and the bad Swish | His piece on Kevin Garnett | How his story on Garnett came to be | Garnett being a big part of the NBA history | Garnett and Stephon Marbury’s relationship at first was good | Garnett and Marbury relationship souring | KG’s trash talking | KG’s zone | KG’s intensity | KG’s loyalty | KG in retirement | Thinks KG will play another season or two | KG’s influence on the younger players moving forward |

Howard on Kevin Garnett’s legendary trash talking: “I don’t know that any of it is mean spirited.”

Howard Beck

Apr 30th 2015

All Topics: Spring in New York | Kevin Love injury | Cleveland Cavs’ frontcourt depth | J.R. Smith being suspended two games for hitting Jae Crowder | Thought Smith was growing up | Free agency | Salary Cap changes | Kevin Love’s future in Cleveland | Kelly Olynyk | Paul Pierce having a good ol time | Pierce feeling liberated | Covering Shaq | Billy Donovan in OKC? | Clippers and Spurs series

Howard on J.R. Smith being suspend two games for hitting Jae Crowder: “I think he’s fortunate.”

Howard Beck

Feb 13th 2015

All Topics: Carmelo Anthony possibly playing in the All Star game and then shutting it down for the season | New York needing Anthony in the long term | Anthony, Jackson and Fisher’s sale pitch for free agents | Phil Jackson | James Dolan going after a fan | His piece on Jeremy Lin | Lin is a pretty even keeled kid | Post Linsanity life |

Howard on Carmelo Anthony possibly shutting it down for the season after the All-Star game: “It’s a smart move long term.”

Howard Beck

Dec 17th 2014

All Topics: New York Knicks are almost as bad as the Sixers | Just not a lot of talent on the Knicks roster | Triangle offense | The Knicks re-signing Carmelo Anthony to a max deal | Phil coming back to New York | Melo’s legacy | The 05-06 Knicks team compared to this squad | Covering Starbury | Stephon Marbury being the most volatile players he’s ever came across | Covering J.R. Rider | Rider threating a couple of his beat writer colleagues back in the day | Los Angeles Lakers | Kobe Bryant | Stunned about the news of the Kings firing Mike Malone | Malone got a raw deal

Howard on hearing that the Kings’ fired Mike Malone: “Stunned.”

Howard Beck

July 8th 2014

All Topics: NBA free agency | Chances of bringing back Big Three | Heat adding McRoberts, Granger | Big Three relationship | LeBron’s chances to go to Cleveland | Carmelo Anthony’s chances to go to Lakers | Best place for Melo

Howard on the Cavs roster: “Cavs lineup not blowing you away.”

Howard Beck

May 30th 2014

All Topics: Western Conference Finals | Gregg Popovich starting Matt Bonner | Bonner making no shots but drawing Serge Ibaka out of the paint | Thinks playoff momentum is a myth | Steve Ballmer allegedly buying the Clippers for $2 billion from the Sterling family trust | Donald Sterling’s role in the Clippers ownership | Sterling is as combative as they come | Donald Sterling’s mental state | It’s time for Sterling to bow out | Eastern Conference Finals | Pacers up and down play | Paul George’s Game 5 vs. Miami | Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert

Howard on Donald Sterling: “Is as combative as they come.”

Howard Beck

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