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Howard Beck

Info & Stats: Bleacher Report NBA Columnist

All Topics: New York Knicks are almost as bad as the Sixers | Just not a lot of talent on the Knicks roster | Triangle offense | The Knicks re-signing Carmelo Anthony to a max deal | Phil coming back to New York | Melo’s legacy | The 05-06 Knicks team compared to this squad | Covering Starbury | Stephon Marbury being the most volatile players he’s ever came across | Covering J.R. Rider | Rider threating a couple of his beat writer colleagues back in the day | Los Angeles Lakers | Kobe Bryant | Stunned about the news of the Kings firing Mike Malone | Malone got a raw deal

Dec 17th 2014

Howard on hearing that the Kings fired Mike Malone: “Stunned.”

  • Howard Beck
  • Dec 17th 2014

July 8th 2014

All Topics: NBA free agency | Chances of bringing back Big Three | Heat adding McRoberts, Granger | Big Three relationship | LeBron’s chances to go to Cleveland | Carmelo Anthony’s chances to go to Lakers | Best place for Melo

Howard on the Cavs roster: “Cavs lineup not blowing you away.”

  • Howard Beck
  • July 8th 2014

All Topics: Western Conference Finals | Gregg Popovich starting Matt Bonner | Bonner making no shots but drawing Serge Ibaka out of the paint | Thinks playoff momentum is a myth | Steve Ballmer allegedly buying the Clippers for $2 billion from the Sterling family trust | Donald Sterling’s role in the Clippers ownership | Sterling is as combative as they come | Donald Sterling’s mental state | It’s time for Sterling to bow out | Eastern Conference Finals | Pacers up and down play | Paul George’s Game 5 vs. Miami | Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert

May 30th 2014

Howard on Donald Sterling: “Is as combative as they come.”

  • Howard Beck
  • May 30th 2014

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