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Hoodie Bill

And just a quick question about that Kentucky game – Does Bill Belichick EVER leave the house without a hoodie? Scanning the stands last night- you see Chuck Barkley showing up, Ashley Judd repping the Cats, and then Hood Belichick taking his seat in his standard gray hoodie. This is like the 2nd grader who only wants to wear sweatpants to school. Only this second grader is 62 years old.

Bill – do you own anything with buttons? Or even zippers for that matter? What kind of multi-millionairre senior citizen makes all his public appearances wearing ratty old gym gear? If I didnt’ know better- I’d almost think the hood wants to be recognized. Because if he simply put on a baseball cap and a tommy bahama shirt- he’d look like a totally different person. But Bill decides to hit a basketball game with the same look he has for every Patriots game. Might as well set up shop in that seat wearing your headset too, Hood. And your big, laminated playcard. And bring Josh McDaniels to sit next to you.

We all have our look that we’re comfortable in – but maybe if you’re the leader of an organization worth upwards of three billion dollars, – that look doesn’t resemble somebody nosing through the trash or playing racquetball at the gym. I feel like if you threw open the doors of Belichcks’ wardrobe- there would just be 56 gray hoodies hanging up in the closet. Or even worse- there would just be one of them. I’m not saying he needs to wear a suit. But maybe every once a while he doesn’t wear something designed to sweat in. He went…On to Cincinnati… now somebody take the Hoodie to Macy’s.

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