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Hood On Mexico City

The Patriots smashed the Raiders 33-8 on Sunday in Mexico City. Tom Brady went 30 of 37 for 339 yards and three touchdowns, and the defense kept the Raiders offense under wraps and forced two turnovers. It was an impressive performance, especially when you consider that the Raiders were coming off a bye week and had extra time to prepare, while the Patriots had played in Denver and then stayed in Colorado Springs before heading to Mexico.

Any time you play an international game, there’s always an element of the unknown, but of course, the Patriots dealt with that because that’s what they do.

But as good as their performance was, Bill Belichick went on WEEI in Boston yesterday and said that it could’ve been a whole lot worse. “Players did a great job dealing with all the challenges that we had to deal with. I think we’re fortunate there was no volcano eruptions, earthquakes or anything else while we were down there. I mean you have two NFL franchises in an area that I don’t know how stable the geological plates that were below us [were], but nothing happened so that was good.”

Huh? Fortunate there were “no volcano eruptions, earthquakes or anything else”? You mean like monsoons or typhoons? We’re just fortunate there were no tornadoes, blizzards, locust swarms or plague of frogs. And that’s before we even get into meteors and gamma-ray bursts.

I know he likes to prepare for everything, but was he also prepping for solar flares and sinkholes as well as the Raiders passing game? What about avalanches? Winter is coming, after all. Sure, you need to limit Marshawn Lynch, but what about hail stones or a tsunami? What then?

I’m not sure if he was joking or not because, well, because it’s Belichick and it’s always pretty hard to tell if he’s joking or not. But if it was a joke, maybe you don’t roll out of Mexico City dropping earthquake jokes a couple months after a devastating earthquake that killed hundreds. But I’m guessing he was aware of that, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he wasn’t making light of a tragedy like that.

In which case, if it wasn’t a joke, were you really serious about being worried about playing a game on top of geological plates? There are two NFL teams in Los Angeles and two in the Bay Area. They aren’t exactly playing on top of the San Andreas Fault, but it’s not like this is the first time that two NFL franchises have been in an area where there have been earthquakes. And it won’t be the last.

What a strange thing for him to say, considering he usually says nothing. Either he was really worried about earthquakes or really doesn’t want to play in Mexico City ever again or something, because this guy never says anything and here he is weighing in on plate tectonics. I can’t wait for his breakdown of oceanic trench formation after their road trip to Miami in a few weeks.

I haven’t seen this guy, this worked up, since went on that tirade about SNAPFACE, AND INSTA-BOOK. AND SNAPSTER AND FACESPACE. That didn’t make a helluva sense and neither does this.

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