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Holy Handcuffs Bat Man

That’s what Houston PD is saying Texans Safety DJ Swearinger did. Maybe this is some kind of misunderstanding,…it better be. Because there’s misinterpreting the Houston Chronicle’s headline: Swearinger under investigation for stealing his own truck. That’s a new one. Why not just mug yourself? Maybe steal your own identity.

It sounds like some kind of hair-brained caper that Jesse Pinkman would pull. I’m not exactly sure what happened.. but I know an auto-shop called the cops because DJ ran up a 20-thousand dollar customization bill and apparently drove off without paying it. The good news – is that it won’t be hard to find that rig. Because Swear tricked it out with new wheels, a custom grill, a TRAIN HORN, and matte black finish with a batman logo. Holy handcuffs bat man! My man – I’ll say it again- Batman is loaded with Dad’s money. He’s got 20-gerr in his utility belt.

Never mind batman….riddle me this: – why would a rich NFL player pimp his ride and then run and hide? We all want our car back from the shop. We all can’t stand driving the loaner. We all think we’re getting jammed on the price. We all hate it, and we all pay. DJ- bring it back and pay the tab before the 5-0 busts in the bat cave and drags you away. Riddle me that. And stop stealing things that already belong to you.

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