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Hit That Robot With Some Rolaids

Give Tiger Woods this – he did finish the Hero World Challenge over the weekend. I think it almost killed him. But he did finish. And we didn’t’ get yet another shot of Eldrick getting carted to his Cadillac in the middle of a round and bouncing.

But this may have been even worse. I don’t care if you’re a red-polo rocking Cat worshipper with Victory Irons in your bag and Lindsey Vonn’s poster on your wall… You’d rather see your boy walk off a course than blow chunks all over it.

Hit that Robot with some Rolaids, for God’s sake. Hard enough to watch the once greatest golfer in the world leave an approach shot 50 feet short… Even harder when he chunders on his way up the fairway.

I’m really not even sure if he’s sick…. Of if he’s finally that disgusted by his own play. Actually, I’m thinking maybe the latest upgrade to his operating system included a Vomit feature that kicks in when he hacks a shot.

But somebody’s gotta get this dude back in the shop. Because the software for his human-voice-replicator needs a reboot. Close your eyes… Do even recognize this guy??

Weeeeeird. Hey tige… You’ve got Niagara Falls running down your face… I think that Fever is broken bro!! I haven’t felt that odd looking at a familiar face since Sammy Sosa started bleaching his. A little bit under the weather??? I feel like he’s making me ill through the TV screen.

Somebody get the Cat quarantined. Congrats on finishing the tournament, even in last place. Now go eat some soup and wrap a surgical mask around your face.

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