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History In Oakland

History was made in Oakland last night. Kevin Durant came into last night’s game needing just 25 points to reach 20,000 points. And he did it, draining a jumper at the 1:41 mark of the second quarter.

A great moment and truly a tremendous accomplishment by one of the all-time great players. And when you run the numbers on some of what that moment means, it’s even more impressive.

He joins Wilt, MJ, Kobe, and LeBron as the only players in history to reach 20,000 points before their 30th birthday. And he’s second only to LeBron as the youngest to join the club. And after the game, there was even talk about whether or not he could eventually run down Kareem.

But that shot that Durant hit to join the 20K Club, great as it was, wasn’t the greatest shot of the night. Nope, the greatest shot of the night was this Lou Williams final shot.

That’s Lou Williams from 30-feet. And that was nothing but net. And it was nothing but awesome. Let me count the ways…

First off, the Clippers were already up 16 with under a minute to go against a Warriors team that was without Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The game was over. And these two teams hate each other. And everyone was standing around waiting for the clock to run out so they could get back to the locker room and get out of the building. Well, everyone except for Lou Williams who was sitting on a career-high 47 points and he knew it. Which is why he let it fly. Because 47 points isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? 50.

And him draining that from the Oracle logo was the greatest thing I’ve seen since Ricky Davis, in the final seconds of a blowout, intentionally lobbed the ball off the backboard of the wrong hoop and grabbed it himself, in an attempt to get the final rebound that he needed for a triple-double.

Except, Davis never got credit for his rebound and he didn’t get his triple-double, but Williams got his triple and his 50. And completely ripped the headlines from Kevin Durant. Oh, you scored your 20,000th career point? That’s nice. Lou Williams dropped 50. And he got em, on a rub it your face, how you like me now half a hundred that had him crashing and wrecking KD’S PARTY.

FUNNY THING IS, THE WARRIORS SEEMED TO THINK IT WAS PRETTY FUNNY. THEY REALLY DIDN’T SEEM TO CARE. Normally pulling a stunt like the one that Williams pulled is the kind of thing that infuriates the opposing team. Come into their building and show them up like that, by going for a personal records, and you’re going to get a fist to the face or an elbow to the dome. But not last night.

Steve Kerr was laughing on the bench and said afterwards, “The Clippers, they came in here, probably insulted that we were resting Klay, and obviously Steph goes down. … They came in and just kicked our ass.”

Truth. Although it wasn’t the Clippers who kicked the Warriors ass, it was Williams, who caught fire with a 27-point third quarter. 27 points. In one quarter. Durant said afterwards: “He ordered 50-piece nuggets on us tonight.” He most certainly did. He rolled into the Warriors drive-thru, dropped 27 on them in the third, saw that he had a chance for 50, and ordered it up with plenty of sauce.

You know what’s even funnier and the biggest insult of all to the Clippers?? The Warriors just lost to them by 19 and couldn’t care less. They got run out of their own building by a Clips team that was missing Blake Griffin and had a starting lineup that included Jawun Evans and CJ Williams. And the Warriors were just still just clowning on the bench. You know they aren’t happy about their effort or the result, but back when everyone thought this might be a rivalry, losing by double-digits and watching someone chuck garbage-time threes would’ve been a reason to go. Last night, it was a reason to laugh. That’s how little the Warriors care about their alleged rivals the Clips. Dude drops a three on them at the buzzer in a blowout and the Warriors think it’s hilarious.

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