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Here They Go Again

Right now, there’s not a person in the NFL that isn’t sick of hearing and talking about Aaron Rodgers’ calf injury. Not one person. Well, actually, there is one. It’s Seattle safety Earl Thomas. He doesn’t mind talking about it, because he’s not buying it: “I’m not buying into this leg issue. I saw him scramble close to the goalie against the Cowboys, so he’s not fooling me with that. I’m not falling into that. I’m on my own road regardless.”

He’s goin’ down the only road he’s ever known. Like a drifter, Earl was born to walk alone. Because I think he’s the only dude in America who says Rodgers is jaking. It’s like any YouTube video. Doesn’t matter what it is. There’s always somebody in the comments who will call FAKE.

In Earl’s case… That video is #12 limping down the field last week like someone took a pipe to his knee. FAKE! LAME! But I love Earl’s strategy. Because if he lets himself think for one second that Rodgers isn’t Rodgers, that’s the one second he gets smoked.

I wish I could buy into Earl’s theory. And that Rodgers has been crafting “the long con” – where he intentionally limped around against Dallas just so he could hit the field in Seattle and shock them at full speed. But I just can’t go down Earl’s road.

He IS injured. Pretty severely. And while Green Bay is a different team now, than they were in the season opener, Seattle smashed them that day…and that was on a day when Aaron Rodgers was fully healthy. And for that reason, it’s impossible for me to go with them Sunday in Seattle. They’re not the same team away from Lambeau and as unbelievable as Rodgers is, he’s not the same q.b. On one leg.

Blood in the water. And….I’ve made up my mind. I ain’t wastin’ no more time. Seahawks 34. Packers 20. Here they go again.

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