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Harrison Barnes

Info & Stats: Golden State Warriors Forward

All Topics: Having a career year | New offense is really helping him | Steve Kerr getting the head coaching job | Kerr flying to Miami to meet with him | Kerr moving him into the starting lineup | Draft night rumors of him being traded | Business side of the game | High octane offense | Defensive approach | Postseason | NBA Championship | Draymond Green vs. Dahntay Jones | Not sure what Jones was thinking | Having a little rivalry going with the Clippers | Andrew Bogut | His basketball journal | Preparation | Luke Walton

Mar 10th 2015

Harrison on trying to win an NBA Championship: “That’s the goal every year.”

  • Harrison Barnes
  • Mar 10th 2015

Apr 29th 2013

All Topics: Up 3 games to 1 on Denver, in the first round of the playoffs | Losing David Lee in Game 1 | Losing Game 1 | Coach Jackson telling him to be more aggressive without Lee in the lineup | Playoffs | Watching the Playoffs as a kid | His Game 2 dunk | The benches reaction to his dunk | Playing for Mark Jackson | Oracle Arena in Game 3 | Steph Curry | Curry being one of the most humble superstars he’s ever met | Andrew Bogut’s play | Bogut’s impact | Bogut’s dunk on JaVale McGee | Jason Collins saying he’s gay |

Harrison on teammate Steph Curry: “One of the most humble super stars I’ve ever met.”

  • Harrison Barnes
  • Apr 29th 2013

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