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Hall of Famer Tim Brown talks Ron Wolf and Al Davis

Newly elected Pro Football Hall of Fame wideout Tim Brown says fellow 2015 Canton enshrinee and former Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders executive Ron Wolf was the reason he wore the Silver and Black for the majority of his career. Brown told The Jim Rome Show former Raiders owner Al Davis wanted the team to move up in the 1988 draft and select an offensive tackle.

“The fact of the matter is Mr. Davis wanted Paul Gruber that year,” Brown said. “Tampa Bay took Paul and he got mad because Ron couldn’t make the trade to get Paul Gruber so he walked out of the room and said ‘you guys take who you want’ and when they told him they were taking me he wasn’t too happy about it initially.”

Brown said Wolf and his co-workers’ jobs at the time could have been riding on the former Heisman Trophy winner’s success.

“If I failed they were going to be looked at as guys who didn’t know what they were doing. So I had a lot on me my rookie year,” said Brown. “Thankfully I had a great rookie year and Ron always pats me on the back when he sees me, that rookie year probably saved his job with the Raiders.”

The wideout’s relationship with Davis was rocky at the beginning of his Raiders career until the two finally sat down and had a man-to-man meeting several seasons into his career.

“The fact of the matter, after my rookie year and really after 92,93 (seasons) once when all that went down with Marcus Allen, me and Mr. Davis’ relationship changed and it changed for the better,” said Brown. “I had a six hour meeting with him man, and we went through every problem I had and he went through every problem he had with me.”

The 9-time Pro Bowler recalls the meeting and said he was well prepared for it after years of frustration.

“I had a legal pad, I had 21 things outlined on my legal pad and we went through every one of them,” Brown said. “Just trying to figure out exactly what his frame of mind was and I wanted him to know where I was coming from.”

As for if the Raiders owner had his legal pad and reasons?

“It’s Al Davis man, he makes them up as he goes,” Brown laughed.

Brown said the meeting was never heated, but he needed answers.

“I didn’t like certain things that he had done with Art Shell with Marcus Allen trying to figure out man what are you trying to accomplish here, what are you really trying to get done?,” said Brown. “Because, why wasn’t I able to catch balls inside the 20 yard line? I mean just little silly stuff that I had heard that he was a part of that I always wanted to get an answer to and I was able to get an answer to all of those things that day.”

Brown said everything changed after they cleared the air and had a good working relationship for the remainder of his Raiders career.

“I don’t think Al was buddy buddy with any of his players,” said Brown. “But anytime I had to speak with him about something whether it was personal or football I had the opportunity to go do that.”

  • Tim Brown
  • Feb 5th 2015

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