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Half Old Man / Half Amazing

Steph Curry likes to say the NBA is a Man’s Game. So is shattering a 16-game winning streak. That’s what the Grizz just did.

Don’t tell me the regular season is 6 months that don’t matter. The Warriors hadn’t lost in 6 weeks and Memphis just snapped them over their knee. Or to quote Steve Kerr, “They punched us in the mouth.”

We knew they could get knocked out going into the Grindhouse, I just don’t think anybody knew those punches would be landed by 37-Year old Air Canada.

Half the Warriors probably didn’t even know Vinsanity was still in the league, much less balling for the Grizz. Dude could pass for Klay Thompson’s grandfather at this point. But even on the same floor The Splash Brothers, Half Old Man / Half Amazing was the scariest assassin in the building. Especially with Steph shooting 1-for-10 from downtown.

Steak snapped. And so were any delusions about Golden State going 72-10. I know when they started 21-2, every Norcaller was rooting for it. I get it. I’m hoping Philly goes 6-76. Erv Johnson wanted the Lakers to go 0-82. But when asked about his guys winning 72, Kerr blurted out, “OH, God no!”

As much as we’d all like to, we won’t see yet another forced statement from 45 congratulating the Warriors on catching him. That’s one mark you don’t need to sweat Mike. You’re safe. So light another, stoge, play another hand, and crush another steak. Man’s game.

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