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Hail To The Edskins

The biggest BS flying out of our nation’s capital isn’t coming from your congressmen; it’s this nonsense about the Jay Gruden – Robert Griffin relationship deteriorating. It’s getting WAY better.

Fact – I would rather watch Big Jay set up shop and carv his quarterback than half the games on the schedule for Week 16. His pressers are like NFL highlight reels. Only more violent.

Yesterday’s mixtape included the Grudes saying that his team needs a lead so Bob doesn’t have to…you know…drop back and actually read defenses. And … That Bob needs to get up off the ground quicker when he takes a hit… And that he would describe their relationship as “fairly decent.” Verrrry subtle, coach.

Somewhat average and Sorta Marginal would have tipped your hand? “Fairly Decent” is what you say when you’re forced to taste somebody’s disgusting home-brew, not your working relationship with the franchise QB. And why even bother? It’s obvious Gruden hates him. Come clean!

At this point… Coach just should pay for a “CUT RG3″ billboard. Or secretly pay a pilot to fly over practice with a “Suck for the Duck” banner. The Grudes should go FULL TROLL and just stop using the letters “R” and “G” – because he can’t stand them so much. From now on, I’m Jay Uden, head coach of the edskins. Dan Snyde and I stand behind Obert as we prepare for the Philadelphia Eales this week.

It wouldn’t be any less subtle. Does anyone really think Uden and Obert are going to have a future together? I’ll be shocked if they make it to Sunday. Ood luck. Hail to the Edskins.

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