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Gregg Marshall

Info & Stats: Wichita State Head Coach

All Topics: Re-working his deal at Wichita State | Stressful week | Having been blessed with options | Alabama selling a beautiful vision | Wichita State stepping up | I never got on the plane to Alabama | On what he loves about Wichita | Alabama football didn’t weigh on his decision not to take the basketball job | Straight cash homey | Crazy offer from schools | Wants to coach for about 8-10 more years | Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker | Baker as a pro |

Apr 3rd 2015

Gregg on how he will handle future job offers: “I won’t bury my head in the sand.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Apr 3rd 2015

Mar 24th 2015

All Topics: NCAA Tournament | Beating Kansas on Sunday | History of Kansas vs. Wichita State | Wichita State fans | Doesn’t blame Kansas for not playing them | Would love to start a series with Kansas | Scheduling | Bill Self | Beating Indiana | Not taking a possession off | Notre Dame next | Notre Dame can score the ball | Mike Brey | Alabama rumor | Has not spoken with Alabama | It’s going to take a crazy offer to leave | Dealing with offers every spring | Coaching under John Kresse at the College of Charleston | Kresse turning down big time school offers to stay at College of Charleston |

Gregg on where his Kansas victory ranks: “I think it’s one of those top 5’s.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Mar 24th 2015

Dec 2nd 2014

All Topics: 4-0 on the season | Life is good | Fred VanVleet’s competitive edge | Ron Baker | It’s a wonderful time to be in Shocker Nation | Winning 35 straight games last season | Not worried about expectations | Last season | Learning so much last season | NCAA Tournament loss to Kentucky | We’re still not getting five star recruits | The program’s future being bright | Explains why he’s still at Wichita State | Private jet |

Gregg on life in Wichita: “Fantastic for the Marshall’s.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Dec 2nd 2014

Jan 3rd 2014

All Topics: Life is still pretty good for Gregg Marshall | The program’s notoriety has increased | Positive’s at Wichita State | Teams health | Great players | Him staying at Wichita State | Upgrading their facilities | Fred VanVleet’s game | VanVleet being recruited by major programs | VanVleet’s wants to win | Polls | Proud of their rankings | Possibly future game against Kansas | Understands why Kansas doesn’t want to play them |

Gregg on his life now: “It’s pretty good, probably not Jim Rome status but it’s pretty good.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Jan 3rd 2014

Mar 22nd 2013

All Topics: NCAA Tournament | Beating Pittsburgh 73-58 | Was surprised they put up 73 against Pitt | Former Wichita great Antoine Carr texting him this week | Carr’s message to the team was to play angry | Scoring being down in college basketball | Watching the Southern vs. Gonzaga game | Southern tying the game late against Gonzaga | The last time Wichita State played a #1 team in the country | We are not a mid-major anymore | Physical and physical support at Wichita State | This is a destination job | Him passing on several BCS coaching jobs | This is a place where we could retire | The respect he has for Mark Few and Gonzaga | Wants his program to be like Gonzaga’s |

Gregg on if he can see himself retiring from Wichita State: “Well, I’ve already passed on several BCS schools the past few years.”

  • Gregg Marshall
  • Mar 22nd 2013

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