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Green Bay’s D Is Bleeding

Rodgers carried them to that win, but for the first time in weeks it feels like there’s some Packer blood in the water. 4 quarters ago I’d swear they were the baddest team in the NFC. Hard to make that argument when they were an onside kick away from getting shocked on the Tundra by 5-7 Atlanta on Monday night.

Going into last night’s game, I would have said there’s no way anyone is going into their house and leaving with a win. But Atlanta nearly did. And playing the way they are now, Seattle definitely could. Best way to beat the Pack is to keep feeding the Beast Marshawn Lynch and keep Rodgers in that sideline stocking cap. And let’s not forget, the LOB already owned Rodgers once this year.

If Rick Sherman was chirping at Rodgers after a week 1 win… Dude’s gonna be turned up to 11 to run with Nelson in a playoff game. Especially if he knows Green Bay has to throw it 35 times.

Rodgers said last night he’s not tripping on his D “I’m not worried about. If it takes scoring 38-plus points to win, then that’s what we’ve got to do.”

I get it. I respect it. But I’d be worried. Because Julio straight humiliated that secondary.

And Seattle isn’t Green Bay’s only concern. There’s another beast with the size and talent of Julio; he goes by the moniker, the Tron. Maybe you’ve heard of him. He balls for a Detroit team that’s also smashed the Packers, and if Julio can hang 259 on The Pack, Calvin Johnson’s capable of three Benjamin’s. The one thing Rodgers can’t do is play safety. I’m not saying the sky is falling, I’m saying the D is bleeding.

And I’d hold off buying those Super Bowl ducats until they remember how to cover somebody.

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