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Green Bay vs. Dallas

Packers-Cowboys really comes down to 2 questions: Will Chris Christie be in the house, and will Aaron Rodgers be outside the pocket? I don’ know if Jerry Jones’ New Jersey Mojo Mascot is gonna jump the jet to Lambeau, but I know Aaron Rodgers is going to play through that calf injury like a boss. Because I already saw him do it against Detroit, and that was before he had 2 weeks to rehab.

Dallas is a road dog, and if any Boys’ fans really think that their best hope is Rodgers’ calf collapsing… they’re begging. You don’t have Ndamukong Suh out there to step on him, and Rod Marinelli defenses don’t stop him.

Check the numbers. Rod Marinelli’s done as much for Rodgers as Jordy Nelson. 12 might not be able to bust out of the pocket like he usually does, but I’m not even sure he’ll need to. The dude got carted off against Detroit… rubbed some dirt on it… then came back against a much better, nastier D than Dallas’s – and threw 11 of 13 like it was nothing. Chucked a TD. Ran for a TD.Fish in a barrel, standing on one foot. Calf strain? Have you seen this dude at home? I don’t care if his leg’s broken. He’ll ball.

I know it’s the hope of all their fans, but waiting for Rodgers to crumble better not be Big D’s best game plan. If you’re going to beat this dude- it’s because you run the ball and keep him on the sideline. Even with a gimpy stick, there’s still nobody better. And Mr. Jones is going to need more than his jolly lucky charm in the red sweater.

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