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Grandpa Carter Is Straight Balling

They call him Vinsanity. At this point he’s getting closer to social security.

Vince Carter is 37-years-old and still producing for one of the Western Conference’s best teams. He’s gone five straight nights scoring in double figures and last night, he got extremely nice, throwing down an old school Vince Carter dunk, circa 2000 !

Are you kidding me?! Somewhere Dominique Wilkins was holding up a piece of paper with a giant ten on it. Air Canada straight up destroyed the Utah Jazz on the dunk, which is weird, because usually guys his age love Jazz.

Averaging 20 minutes a night, V.C. has somehow turned back the clock and regained what he lost, hanging 16 on the Best in the West Warriors as well as 18 on the defending champion Spurs.

I’m not sure what’s in the water that Vinsanity is mixing his Metamucil in, but whatever it is, it’s working. His peers are playing Bingo, Grandpa Carter is straight balling.

Half old man, half amazing.

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