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Grab A Hanky And Hit The Bricks

Give the Chicago Bears this. At least somebody in that organization is showing some emotion. Unfortunately it’s their offensive coordinator blubbering to the team because he anonymously carved the quarterback in the media.

Aaron Kromer just committed the cardinal sin. He reportedly cried at work. You can’t do it. You cannot over your job. I don’t care if you work at the Pentagon or a Pet Store. You can’t sit at your desk shedding tears and honking into a tissue. It’s a place of business, not your parents’ couch.

Kromer was reportedly crying… After outing himself as the anonymous source who leaked to the NFL Network that Cutler was killing them with his game management. This dude stood in front of the entire team and snotted out an apology… and I’m sure that scored HUGE points in a room full of grown men.

Not only did you knife our team leader anonymously… You’re gonna stand in front of us like a 6-year old who skinned his knee.

Cutler reportedly shook his head while Kromer was up there melting. Of course. I’m shocked he didn’t shake his middle finger in response? Would anyone have blamed him if he had? Better question – how was Kromer not whacked right in the middle of his sniffles? You want to cry? I’ll give you something to cry about – You’re FIRED. Leak that.

Two rules. Don’t run your quarterback under the bus, anonymously. And don’t cry at work… EVER. And Kromer did both. Grab a hanky and hit the bricks. If you shed tears at your job, you shouldn’t have one.

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