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Good ol #69

It’s about time we all Get To Know the Gronk. We see him beasting over safeties on Sunday. We laugh at him partying on the Internet. But who’s the REAL Robert Paxton Gronkowski? Thankfully ESPN finally peeled back the layers behind this shadowy figure. And what they found may surprise you.

When asked to reveal something about himself that his fans might not expect, Gronk replied…check this… that he’s addicted to working out, he loves to do pushups, and he bangs them out while he watches SpongeBob.

My mind is blown. Here I would have thought The Gronker enjoyed painting, playing polo and attending the opera.

No way, Robert! YOU work out?? And while you watch Cartoons? It’s like I don’t even know you. What are you going to tell me next… that you like sex? That you’re really into hot babes, cool cars and cold beer? I couldn’t be more shocked to hear Gronk does pushups… than if he’d told the world he listens to Metallica, does keg stands, and belches while he plays Xbox.

Finding out that Gronk loves to workout…would be like if he did Cribs, and we learned that his pad is just a couple leather couches, empty pizza boxes, protein jugs and a 200 inch TV. EXACTLY what we expect.

Good ol #69 is just the best. His fiesta is 24/7. Gracias El Gronko. Great…now tell me something I didn’t already know three years ago.

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