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Good Luck At Lambeau

If you thought the Packers were impressive taking down the Patriots in Green Bay yesterday, imagine how the rest of the NFC felt watching the highlights last night.

Because they know they’re going to have to go to that frozen fortress and get a win. Good luck.

The Cardinals, the Lions, the Seahawks, even the mighty 5-7 Falcons want no part of the Packers at Lambeau. We already know the Eagles don’t. And it’s not even cold yet.

Sure, there were Packers bros in the stands who literally had icicles hanging off their beards. Below freezing? Big deal. Come back in a month it will be below zero. That’s the kind of setting that the Hoodian Empire is supposed to thrive in. Swap out the cheese curds for Sam Adams and Lambeau was Foxboro. And Tom Brady DID look at home. He WAS sharp. But wasn’t Aaron Rodgers. Nobody is.

And there are two types of NFL fans: Those who admit Rodgers is the best quarterback alive, and liars.

And quick question if Darrelle Revis really still is the island, how did he get abused that badly by Jordy Nelson.

Hey “island” – what happened? “I felt it was a push-off, but at the same time I’m not going to use that as an excuse.”

You just did. Best corner in league? Nah, just the latest to get worked the best DEEP THREAT in the league.

Good luck to everybody in the NFC. Their wideout’s unguardable. Their quarterback’s unshakeable. And the league’s best home field advantage has been ripped from the 12th Man and handed back to Title Town.

The road to Arizona travels through the Tundra.

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