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Good Job, Good Effort

Leave it to the Miami Heat to have a hokey theme night during their playoff push. We know that franchise loves their cheesy antics, but even I was shocked they dropped a Retro Night against Cleveland.

They turned 2015 into 2005. But halftime wasn’t The Black Eyed Peas and Lifehouse, and the jumbotron didn’t splice Heat highlights into Revenge of the Sith – instead Old Man WOW turned into Young Man Flash.

This feels weird coming out of my mouth – but Dwyane Wade was AWESOME last night. He had to be. The Cavs were in town. When LeBron dumps you in a private jet after 4 straight Finals so he can lead a team that’s never won squat, you better show some pride when he comes back to your house.

Flash had 32 points of pride, and almost provided the year’s most ridiculous dime.

Can someone hit Goran Dragic with the fail horn. Because he just ruined that Rembrandt by getting blocked by noted flyswatter JR Swish. That’s when Wade remembered it really wasn’t ’05. Because it wasn’t Udonis Haslem or the Diesel on other end of that.

Shoot, it wasn’t even White Chocolate. That’s when Retro night collided with a reality check. Bron’s not running with you anymore. Shoot, nobody’s running with you anymore. You’ve gone from title contenders to 8-seed clingers. But hey, I’m not here to hate. It’s nice for one night that Miami was about the team on Wade’s back and not the ice on his knees.

Quoting your most vocal fan: Good Job, Good effort. Good luck getting out of the first round.

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