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Good Call

Buffalo is buried in snow, and Detroit has come to the rescue. The Bills will still host the Jets, but they’ll do it Monday night at Ford Field, in 72 degrees and without any risk whatsoever.

This is a best-case scenario, so don’t tell me it’s some kind of bum-out. I get it. Snow football is awesome. Whether it’s playing with your uncles in the backyard or watching the gunslinger at Lambeau. But smashing each other in a snow globe is one thing. Playing an NFL while risking a natural disaster is another.

So save your, I thought this was football! The wussification nation wins again! Bart Starr would have played on Sunday! No he wouldn’t have. Not if he couldn’t get to the stadium he wouldn’t.

That’s not the ice bowl out there. It’s the hawth system. It’s not the the players aren’t tough enough, or the league has gone soft… It’s that they can’t safely or responsibly stage an NFL Sunday there.

How are the Bills even going to get there…? On skis? Is Fred Jackson going to rent some snow dogs and mush his way to the Ralph? Even if you could get Kyle Orton and Mike Vick to parachute into the stadium… How are the fans, vendors, security, paramedics, and police going to show up? Have you seen the pictures of that place? It barely even resembles earth. Come to find out, they don’t play football no matter what. Nor they should.

Football in a few inches of snow rules. Trying to have a game in nuclear winter is asinine.

Detroit is the right call, and from I’m seeing on the ol Doppler….the Bills may have to stay there next week too. Right now that franchise is depending on Dallas Raines and Johnny Mountain more than Doug Marrone and Sammy Watkins.

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