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Gonzaga’s Secret Weapon

You want to talk carrots? Let’s talk Teppanyaki, shall we? Because we may have found the secret weapon for Gonzaga – and it’s Benihana.

Everybody loves getting served grilled salt by some modern day ninja with the knife, right? Nobody more than the Zags.

Want to know why Kyle Wiltjer had 24 and 7 boards against Iowa… Because he was promised if they hit the Sweet 16, he’d get that sweet little Onion Volcano. “I mean, tonight we were extra motivated because we were going to dinner last night and we passed on of my favorite restaurants, Benihana. And one of our assistants said, ‘Hey, if you get the win tonight, we’ll go to Benihana’ So I was extra motivated because now we get to go to Benihana. So I’m hyped.”

Of course you’re hyped: Mushroom soup and “Samurai Treat” is crazy nice. I’m a grown man, and I get hyped for the “Land ‘n Sea” Surf n Turf.

Imagine being a college kid getting ginger salad, shrimp apps, and 2 bowls of dipping sauce. I can’t believe Wiltjer missed a shot.

Every coach is looking for that little extra motivation between rounds – Mark Few’s muse is the knife dude flipping shrimp tails up into his hat for the Zags. The heart of Gonzaga… Is that beating heart of fried rice.

And if the Zags punch a ticket to the Elite 8… Coach Few hooks them up with the Hibachi Steak. The driving force in the 2015 Bracket- is Benjamin Hana.

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