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Golf Has Never Been Better

I gotta say – they may not agree with me over at the PGA, but the game of golf has never been more entertaining. The sport’s in decline? The industry’s dying on a vine? A golf course closes every 48 hours? Well, a pro golfer does something salacious about every 6 minutes.

It doesn’t get any more bizarre than Bob Allenby getting pickled in Hawaii and sleeping on a sidewalk, right? Wrong. Maybe not even the shadiest story of the week.

Because 8,000 miles away Tiger Woods is apparently lying about his chicklets. Big shock here – a staffer at that ski event in Italy says Tige’s bicuspid didn’t get smashed by a camera man. Dental Experts are even weighing in and saying that Eldrick would have been a bloody mess, and that chiclet didn’t fall out from a camera- but from decay.

I’m not sure I’m buying that. Looks to me like dude has a nice set of teeth. Or he did until his ex-knocked one of them out with his nine iron. Allegedly.

Either way, at this point, Eldrick seems to be even worse at lying that he is at golfing. The Cat would have been more believable if he’d just said he got jumped and thrown in a trunk.

But wait, weekend hackers: there’s more! Drinking.. Deception…. How about Drugs? Dustin Johnson cleared up his coke rumors by saying drugs quote “didn’t really have a role in my life.”

Didn’t … Really have a role? Bones Jones thinks Nose Dustin might want to shoot straight about the Sugar. And Jim Rome thinks Golf is on fire. The PGA Tour in 2015 is like a GNR Tour in 1989. Stay tuned. We’re about 5 minutes away from Serg Garcia smoking rock and a Hefty sexting scandal.

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