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Golden State South

Warriors – Clippers is a nice little West Coast rivalry. But if they meet in the Western playoffs, it’s gonna be a short series. Because the entire thing will be played on the Warriors’ turf.

Staples Center is officially Golden State South.

Ask Blake Griffin. Dude dropped 40 in a loss last night, and then dropped a hot take on the Clipp’s home court: They don’t have one. “Home court advantage is just not there for us. If that’s how it feels in the playoffs, it’s not looking good. I don’t know what we could do, but it would be great if it wasn’t that way. IT’s kind of like when we play the Lakers. I don’t know, maybe worse.”

Oh it’s worse. You’re lucky you get more cheers than the Sparks. Because right now the Staples’ Crowd power rankings read like this: Warriors. Lakers. Sparx. The X-games. The Circus. The Clippers.

Seriously- watching last night, that’s what it’s come to: The 20-53 Lakers’ get a more supportive crowd than you. As far as “What you could do” Blake…. Short of working a Steph Curry trade…. NOTHING. Because he was getting your own building to chant M-V-P, and then he tried to end the career of your point guard.

Best part by far of Steph crippling Chris Paul… Was the reaction from the Golden State bench mob. And the saddest part for LA, was that the 7 dudes on the bench brought more noise for the Warriors than 19,000 did for the Clippers.

I guess what you can do – is pray you don’t see Golden State in the post season. Because you might as well play the entire series up in Oakland. Because if they bring that Show down to Staples, the LA Clippers won’t even get that joint as loud as the LA Avengers.

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