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Godspeed, Bills Mafia

We’re on in New Orleans and we’re on in Buffalo so I have to ask: Saints Fan, how you living right now? And more importantly, Bills Mafia: What are you drinking right now? Hell, is there anything strong enough on the planet to black out what the Saints just did to you yesterday? Those recalled bottles of 77% Magic Blue probably wouldn’t even do the trick. Not when you’re pulling black and gold spikes out of your face.

The Saints hung 47 points on the Bills yesterday and did it with exactly zero passing touchdowns. I repeat: 47 points. No touchdowns through the air. Instead, Sean Payton called 48 run plays and lit the entire region of Western New York on fire for 300 (298) yards and six house calls.

I so badly want to make this all about the Saints and their seven game win streak. And the fact they became the first team since the 40’s to run for six touchdowns and not punt once. And that their running game just made history in the same season that they ejected Adrian Peterson out of the backfield four games in. And that Drew Brees, for the first time in his career, has a team that can bail him out instead of the other way around.

But I can’t. Because on the other side of that wax job is the Bills Mafia. And two weeks ago when they were tied at top of the AFC East, I was getting calls to my voicemail from the mafia, talking Super Bowl. Yeah, well, two weeks ago feels like 18 years ago. Because that longest playoff drought in sports is hanging over the great city of Buffalo. And just when it looked like the dark cloud was finally gonna pass, the Jets stunned the Bills then the Saints knocked ‘em out cold.

So the question is totally fair: Who the hell are these Bills? Are they what we saw the first seven games? Or are they what we’ve seen the last two? I’ll tell you this: We’re about to find out. Because Buffalo is gonna hop a cross country bird to play the Chargers at the soccer stadium, before doubling back to Arrowhead for KC. Then it’s the Pats at home three weeks from now. So, it’s only about to get harder. And while the Bills have the final wild card spot right now—there’s still a long way to go and a helluva lot of good teams to get through.

Life comes at you fast, Mafia. This is all looked so much better two weeks ago. And now it’s all falling apart.

Godspeed, Bills Mafia. It’s a brutal road ahead.

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