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Roger Federer has four words for everyone: Get. Off. My. Lawn.

Fitting for a dude who has mowed his name into Centre Court at Wimbledon and should be playing on the senior circuit at the age of 35.

Yeah, yeah, I know: A tennis take? Really, Rome? On your first day back from vacation?

Phft! Please. How about a greatest of all-time take. How about the Pimp in the Box pimpin’ all that is good. How about a little shine for a dude who didn’t drop a set on his way to becoming the oldest guy ever to win two slams in one year.

Think about that. Didn’t drop a set in route to winning it all. I’m not sure what’s more insane, that he did that or that it hadn’t been done since Bjorn Borg did it 41 years ago. Or that we’re talking about something Bjorn Borg did more than 40 years ago. 40 years ago?!?

Literally, as a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Bjorn Born was one of my guys. True story: Gail Goodrich, Ron Cey, Terry Bradshaw and Bjorn Borg. And we’re talking about something this cat did more than 40 years ago.

Roger Federer is straight up ridiculous. And now he’s a 19 time grand slam winner and an 8 time Wimbledon champion—most ever in both categories. The debate’s over. He’s the GOAT. And if you didn’t know it four slams ago—now you do.

This dude’s 2017 season is starting to look a helluva lot like the one he had back in 2004 when he won the Aussie, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Wait, what? This guy is having a season that looks like one had 13 years ago? In tennis?


You know what ages well? Whiskey, wine, the Jungle, a sharp cheddar. You what doesn’t age well? Tennis players.

But Federer is somehow managing to wax the field and Father Time. And the only thing that makes his career that much more extraordinary is that we all left him for dead when he missed almost the entire season last year with a knee injury. That was supposed to be it. Fed fades out with 17 slams—only to watch the Joker run him down by the year 2020.

Tell me—what 35-year old comes back from a knee injury to run off two slams in two tries the very next year?

Roger. Freaking. Federer. That’s who. And now instead of being broken down on the side of the road—he’s lapping the field and padding his lead. And there’s no way anyone catches him now.

And now the only question left is: How much longer is he gonna do this? And it’s a question he’s been asked for years. And a question he’s never really answered. But don’t wait for this guy to stamp his own expiration date. Instead—do yourself a solid and carve out some time in early September to watch the best ever try to rip a third slam this year at the US Open. He’ll be 36 then. And only adding to his legend if he does it.

Roger Federer: The undisputed GOAT.

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