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Go To Work, John

Listening to Johnny Manziel reflect on his first start, I’m reminded of a frat boy trying to piece together the bender from the night before. The memories are hazy, he’s not really making sense, and you get the feeling he might still be drunk.

One of Johnny’s takeaways from that 30-0 shutout was that the offense showed flashes of progress. Is that the new buzz term now? Flashes. Because I’ll believe Geno Smith when he says he showed flashes of being a Pro Bowler way before I believe a 7-punt shutout counts as “progress.”

Manziel did admit that there wasn’t much on the field to quote “Make you pump your fist.” Pump it? No. Clench it and throw it through the nearest dry wall? All day.

Football called the performance “a little bit of an off day.” If by a little bit of an off day, you mean one of the worst days a quarterback has ever had, on any level, then yes, it was a little bit of an off day.

Even worse, Manziel apparently admitted to Fox’s John Lynch, that he didn’t work as hard as he could have this season. Further evidence that dude still doesn’t get it.

Again, it’s just one game. But that one game is enough to know that dude is even smaller than we thought, not as quick or as athletic as we thought, and will always try to sandlot his way of trouble. In short, essentially, everything that worked for him on Saturday’s at Texas A-M is out the window now. And the sooner he realizes that, the better shot he has of actually sticking.

Go to work, John. Johnny Football is dead on arrival. Time for John Manziel to learn how to play quarterback. John. Time for the party boy to actually grind like a pro. Because so far the rock star looks nothing like a Sunday starter

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