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Go Get It Uncle Steve!

But let’s be real. That game wasn’t about the Clippers or the Lakers… it was about the Ballmer. And twitter.

There aren’t’ many times you glance at the Trending Topics, say “Hell Yes” and slam the mouse on the topic but if “Steve Ballmer” is trending, then something awesome happened. And that something went down after the first quarter when Fergie took the floor and Ballmer turned into your awesome Uncle at the wedding. Go get it Uncle Steve!

Go STEVIE! GO STEVIE! IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! GO STEVIE! That’s a 58 year old man doing the old “ants in his pants” dance. Dude is all arms, elbows, TONGUE and intensity.

I’m just disappointed the rest of the courtsiders didn’t form a dance circle. Because I’d be willing to bet Steve would have hit the deck and done The Worm.

Steve-O what kind of effort did you give on that dance? And anybody taken aback by that hasn’t been paying attention. Considering how he used to roll at Microsoft, just wait until the Clipps are in the playoffs. The Ballm’s will be standing on his seat with his shirt off.

Compare that to a year ago, when Bigotron was just a big ol sack of flesh looking like an orange corpse. Ballmer looks like he should join Fergie on tour. Only time Biggie got excited was when he had a chance to berate Baron Davis or the Silly Rabbit put her hand on his thigh.

Ballmer’s the only owner… who could also be the team’s halftime entertainer. He’d kill it. LA loves Stevie B. Get out your tongue and get… on… your…feet.

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