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Go Ducks!

The Ducks ownership over Calgary is now officially an international incident. Because 13 years of domination in the Honda Center was already one of the craziest streaks in sports. But the Ducks just walked into the Saddledome and cold-cocked the Flames in their building as well.

And don’t get it twisted; that sweep doesn’t mean Calgary was that bad; it means the Ducks are that good. And primed to make a run this postseason.

Now, they look like they might be the class of the Western Conference. With defenseman Cam Fowler, I would have said they were my pick to go to the Finals. But they played great without him and apparently he’s making progress and improving.

And because they stomped the Flames out that quickly, they can just kick back, conserve their energy and wait for San Jose and Edmonton to finish beating the hell out of one another.

And with both the Blackhawks and Wild on life support right now, Anaheim is looking better and better. Now they’re the team you DON’T want to run into.

I’m not sure I’ve ever said this, on this show, but I’m just going to put myself out there and let it rip. Wait for it. A little longer. A little longer. And…. GO DUCKS!

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