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Go Do Some Cardio, Rexy

Meanwhile over at the Rex Ryan table, the Bills head coach was fat-shaming his brother.

Nothing worse than when somebody loses a few pounds and suddenly thinks they’re Jack Lalanne just because they got their belt size is under 48. Especially when they lap banded those lbs off.

But Rex has got it alllll figured out now, and he says if Rob Ryan wants to be a head coach, he needs to hit the salad bar and a Super Cuts. “He won’t get his hair cut and is keeping that belly. [he said] ‘I’m gonna be a head coach and do it my way.’ [and I said], ‘no you’re not.’ it’s unfortunate. I’m still trying to get that message across to him.”

Check out Gallant just lecturing Goofus.

Rex – do you even remember what you were like when you got a head gig? You were bigger than Rob is. You were talking about fighting opposing players and flipping birds at UFC fights. And nobody’s going to hire Rob just because he gets that werewolf lettuce whacked.

Sure, it makes him more presentable on the sideline. But you know what doesn’t – screaming f-bombs, pumping his fist, bickering with his head coach and watching his defense get worked. If any of his defenses were ever good enough to back up the junk he’s running, – he could have dreadlocks or a Mohawk and still get hired.

Last year against the run, Robs’ d was 31st. Rex you got a job with the Jets because your Ravens D knocked people out. If Rob’s D had a Ray Lewis, he could work Sundays on a rascal with a beer can helmet and a hoagie- and he’d still get a job. That’s the biggest reason he’s still a coordinator, not because you think he’s a fat slob.

And by the way- you may have lost 100 pounds, but in the last 4 years you haven’t won any more playoff games than Rob has. Go do some cardio, Rexy. Always do you, Robert.

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