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Give The Kid Time

Another night. Another forgettable stat-line from Lonzo Ball. And another morning full of lava takes that this kid is a bust. We’re 11 games into the season and this already might be the most tired overreaction in the history of sports. It’s not even that I’m defending Zo. I’m just not about to write off some freak talent because he’s not Kyrie Irving yet. I’m not that stupid or shortsighted. I’ve been around long enough to not bury a second overall pick after 11 games.

And it doesn’t take Dr. Phil to know why everyone is so jacked up to kill the kid. It’s because they hate the dad. And they hate the hype man. And every time Lonzo clanks one off the iron, some deep down feeling of resentment towards LaVar is validated.

Look—hate the dad all want. I’m not here to tell you how to feel. But I am to here to tell you that calling Lonzo Ball Greg Oden less than a month into his rookie season is about the dumbest take on the planet right now.

Go check out Kevin Durant’s first 11 games. Dude shot 37%, only had one game with a positive plus/minus, and the Zombie Sonics got out of the gate at 2-9. Last I checked, KD was holding up a Finals MVP trophy and got himself into the discussion with LeBron James for who’s the best in the league.

I’m not saying Lonzo is the next KD. But I’m not about to say he’s a bust. And neither should any of you. It’s tired. It’s weak. And it’s just dead wrong.

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