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Give Football The Rock

It’s official. Johnny Manziel will start for the Browns and look to keep their season alive Sunday against the Bengals. It’s the right call and it should have been made sooner.

Look, I still don’t know whether or not Manziel can start and thrive in the NFL. But I do know the guy he just ripped the gig from, can’t. Sure, Brian Hoyer got off to a nice start this season, but he’s been killing the Browns for weeks. He has 1 t.d. and 8 picks over his last 5 games, covering 29 drives. The defense has been playing lights out; it gave Hoyer two scores against the Colts and they still lost Sunday; they’re just the second team to do that since 2008. Who was the other team? The (2013) Browns, of course.

I get instability at the quarterback position is one of the reasons the Browns have been so bad for so long. But its clear Hoyer isn’t your long term solution. He had his shot; he didn’t get it done. Give Football the rock, an entire game and let’s see what he can do. I won’t guarantee it’ll be better than Hoyer, but I know it can’t be any worse.

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