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Get To Work, Bob

Never mind 0-10 Oakland. The team that badly needs a win is Team Griffin.

RG3′s having a worse week than the last time he shredded his knee. He’s 3-7, his wideout’s throwing shade on Instagram, his head coach wants him to shut his mouth and practice his footwork, and now an NFL legend is saying Bobby doesn’t put in enough work. Steve Young told ESPN Radio. “I’ve talked to his previous coaches, people I really trust and admire, that know quarterbacks. He doesn’t put the time in.”

Do tell, Steve. Does one of those coaches’ go by the moniker of Red Lobster? And was another one of those coaches the Lobster’s kid? Then again, did you really have to go anyone at all to realize Bobby’s no gym rat? Young says guys who can use their legs often won’t put in the time in the classroom or dark room because they don’t have to.

Like, why actually bother watching tape on Tampa Bay? I’m just gonna look at DeSean for 2 seconds and then just take off anyway. But that’s the thing, Bob, not only are you probably not doing the work, but you don’t use your legs anymore. And haven’t been able to for the last two years.

He’s taken a lot of heat, but this is his worst rap yet. You throw picks. Who doesn’t? You get hurt? It’s part of the game. But you don’t work? That can’t happen. And once you get a rap like that, it’s near impossible to shake. Bob Griffin was supposed to be this generation’s Steve Young. Right now, he’s barely even Vince Young.

His coach talks like he can barely play the position. And Steve Young talks like he really doesn’t care to learn it. Get to work, Bob. And try to keep it within 30 against the Niners.

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