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Geno Smith Thinks Change Could Be Good

All Geno Smith wants for Christmas is a new head coach. In his worst mouth garbage since he insisted he’s shown flashes of a pro bowler, Geno believes the Jets coaching staff could really use a makeover. He says “A change could be good for us all.”

Except for Rex Ryan of course. There’s a pretty rich. Especially considering you’re the reason there’s going to be a coaching change, Geno! Yo, G, now would be a pretty good time for you to stop bumping your gums. Especially when it comes to Rexy. Because all that dude has ever done, is draft you, start you, support you, and dive in front of shrapnel for you.

Firing him could be good for you? Rex is the one guy who continued to support you regardless of how badly you jacked things up with your arm and your mouth. And you’re the biggest reason he’s getting kicked to the curb.

If I sound annoyed by this… It’s because I don’t really want an NFL without Big Rex. He makes it better. He’s the head coach of team content. An NFL coach, in the world’s biggest market, who starred in his own foot fetish film!! You had as much to do with getting him fired, and I for one, I’m not going to forget it. Just as you shouldn’t forget what got you there.

A change will not be “good” for you. Not when it means losing the big man who had your back. And believe me, they wouldn’t need this change, if they actually had a decent quarterback.

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