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Geeked About These 3 Games

Meanwhile the rest of the country is screaming at the Big 12 to shutup and stop spoiling it for the rest of us. Nobody IN the club cares about the dopes who got stiffed by the doorman. Unless you rep Baylor, rock Purple or collect a check from that conference… You’re geeked about these 3 games.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Playofff committee set it up perfectly with major personalities for maximum drama. FSU-Oregon means Marcus Mariota vs. Jameis Winston. Last year’s Heisman Winner vs. This Year’s lock. The guy who’s rapped for being too nice for the NFL… vs. the guy who scares GMs by being so ignorant. The perfect citizen vs. the public menace. And the Oregon team that hasn’t lost in 9 weeks vs. The Noles team that hasn’t lost in 2 years. I want to say Ducks BIG… And so does Vegas… Then again, seemingly nobody can beat Ignoramus.

And that playoff committee better hope Urb can hang with the Sabes. If they think the wrath is bad now, how horrible are they going to look if the Tide wipe the floor with the Buckeyes? Try to pick which is worse: The Big Ten’s bowl history against the SEC. Or Urb’s history against the Sabes? Tie for last. And the last time these two met in a game this big… It ended with Bama beating the Buckeyes into the ground and Timothy Richard blubbering on the sideline. And Urb wasn’t rolling out a 3rd string quarterback like he will be on January 1.

Get that committee some Jim Tressel vests, Gordon Gee bowties, and some Buckeye hats. The second you stoned the Big 12, you started honking Big Urb. OSU gets beat down, you get clowned.

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