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Gang Grizz

Everybody wants to crow about Spurs-Grizz being the best game of the year. Forget that: That was one of the best regular season games EVER. Instant classic.

The baddest western contender does the defending champs in Triple OT… Start the bidding for the documentary. It’s just going to have to be about 6 hours long. You know how fans are always dying for free basketball? Last night, so were the players. And so were the basketball gods.

Because there’s no other reason that Marc Gasol should hit the prayer and get the Grizz to the first OT.

WINDOW! And of course he didn’t call glass. But the Spurs can’t call BS. Because if you thought that was the ugliest buzzer beater of all time? Then you didn’t see Timothy get that game to 3ots. Bombs away Grandpa Dunc.

WINDOW!! Just your classic fundamentally sound one legged, 20 foot fall away. I’ve seen Timmy D win 5 rings, and not geek as hard as he did after he got that slop to drop.

Normally – the Spurs tap in the first OT. Pop just calls them off because it’s not worth the energy or the wear and tear on their old legs. For this one- they would have gone 6 OTs if they had to. Because they know Memphis is a bunch of bad dudes.

You want to talk tired legs? 24 hours after they ended the Warriors winning streak, they still had enough diesel in the tank to do the Hall of Famers in triple OT.

You don’t win rings during the Holidays, but you don’t want to see Gang Grizz in the playoffs. They just outlasted the Spurs in their house, and it’s now official…the West goes through the Grindhouse.

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