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Gang Green Marshall

ESPN is reporting the Chicago Bears have agreed to trade wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Jets pending a physical. This is good for the Jets. Bad for the Bears. Bad for Marshall. And even worse for Jay Cutler. Bad for the Bears because marshall was the best receiver that team has ever had. Bad for Marshall because Cutty is his dude and looks to throw it to him every single time he drops back. And bad for Cutler.

Obviously, it doesn’t bode well for your alleged franchise QB when they trade away your best friend and favorite target. Chin up Bears fan. The team is re-signing James Clausen. You may have lost your best receiver ever, but at least you’re keeping the Claw. As for the Jets, they’re obviously operating under the principle that says if you have a bad quarterback, surround him with as many weapons as possible. Even if that weapon is about to turn 31 and costs you $7.5 mill guaranteed. When your leading receiver is the disappointing Eric Decker, you have to do it.

That’s what Rex did when was there. That’s what he’s doing now in Buffalo. And the Jets are doing the same thing. So go ahead and consider that a lose…lose…lose…win. Smoke em if you got em Cutty. Congratulations, Geno. . And let’s see if Marshall can win the Jets anything other than the back page.

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