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Allow me to go back to Friday Night. Because the NBA went back to 2008. Quoting Paul Pierce “What more could you ask for? You’ve got The Truth at the elbow with the game on the line.”

That’s Washington Wizard Paul Pierce. Not Boston Celtic. Not Kansas Jayhawk. Certainly not Brooklyn Net. It’s the 37 year old dude who was supposed to be done, turning back the clock from his favorite spot.

I can’t believe what Pierce has done with the Wizards. Because the second he joined that team- he was destined to join The Club. The club of great players who gas out wearing strange gamers.

Shawn Kemp with the Magic. Shaq Fu with about half the teams in the league. But Paul Pierce with the Wizards is not invited. Not anymore. Not when the team is wounded, John Wall is injured and Pierce is still hitting game winners.

Charter Members Chicago Bull Robert Parrish and San Antonio Spur Nique Wilkins were recruiting the Truth hard. But the Atlanta Hawks are learning the hard way that this dude’s still got it. Like 21-year old Dennis Schroder who got that dagger stuck right in his face, and then called it “a lucky shot.”

Son, Pierce was burying those lucky shots when you were a 5 year old sitting in a sand box. And at this rate he’ll probably be making them after you’re gone.

He is a Celtics great. But he’s now a Wizards assassin. And Trail Blazers great Scott Pippen rejects his application to the club.

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