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From G.O.A.T. To B.C.A.L

As the news of Jon Jones reported failed drug test settled in, the reactions started to fly on Twitter. Jones himself hasn’t tweeted since August 15th, when he tweeted: Haha It’s definitely been quite the journey, far from over too.

That reads a lot differently now, doesn’t it. It’s definitely been quite the journey and it probably is over.

But while Jones has been quiet, other fighters and former fighters haven’t been letting it fly. Rumble Johnson went with a Facebook post that read in part: I learned from my mistakes when UFC cut me the first time. I can’t speak on if he’ll ever learn but as far as fight results, steroids will make you bigger, faster, stronger but not your IQ…Jon cheated but his fight IQ was still sharp! He set D.C. up for that head kick by doing the low kicks and liver kicks. Think about that for a second…”

Yeah, I thought about that for a second. And then a minute. And now about an hour and I still don’t really know what you’re talking about, Rumble. You’re saying that roids will make you bigger, faster, and stronger, but it doesn’t impact your IQ? And that he won’t that fight with his IQ? Maybe. But what’s your IQ if you get caught for a banned substance twice in a year? And blow your career along with it?

I haven’t heard a more confused argument since Scott Service put down the paintbrush and picked up the phone.

Josh Thompson clowned Jones by retweeting Jon’s extremely regrettable tweet from last month about how Cormier blamed the previous loss on steroids and wondering what excuse he’ll come up with now. Thompson added “Not sure how to really answer this…. ?

Nate Diaz went with an emoji tweet that featured a pair of syringes.

But nobody brought the thunder like Mark Hunt. The New Zealand heavyweight goes 5’11, 265 and he brought all of his weight when he administered one of the greatest Instagram bodyslams of all time. His post started with: “DC should get all of Jones money and you’re a betch jones cheating ass loser.”

You’re a betch cheating ass loser is one of the all-time great blasts from one fighter to another. And if Jones really did fail another test, Hunt is right. Jones is a betch cheating ass loser. From the G.O.A.T GOAT, to a B.C.A.L: Betch Cheating Ass Loser. What a freaking legacy. The Michael Jordan of MMA turned into a Betch Cheating Ass Loser. That might be the Gloss of the Year. Betch Cheating Ass Loser.

Hunt, who lost to Brock Lesnar last year before Brock failed a drug test, is particularly bent about cheating and he wasn’t done. He chased that with a reference to a bible passage that Jones has used in the past, “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” Except Hunt modified it to read: I can do all things through him who gives me strength plus the juice…. BOOM!


That hits harder than the Jones head kick that dropped Daniel Cormier a few weeks back. And Hunt is right. Get popped twice for banned substances and your strength isn’t just coming from your faith. It’s also coming from a syringe. Hugh Freeze banging on about his faith and then calling dozens of escorts thinks that Jon’s actions might not be living up to his words. Reach for Vitamin S at every chance, to say nothing of the coke, the hit-and-run, and multiple other vehicular issues, and you aren’t what you claim to be. In fact, you’re nowhere near it.

But again, maybe we’re overreacting. Maybe this is all just a terrible mistake. Maybe somebody is out to get Jon Jones and framed him not once, but twice. Maybe. But I doubt it.

I guess it’s possible, but it’s more likely that he’s a Betch Cheating Ass Loser.

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