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Fred Jackson

Info & Stats: Buffalo Bills Running Back

All Topics: Radio Row | Healing his body | Rex Ryan coming to Buffalo | Thinks Rex will get us over the hump | Doug Marrone | Marrone landing in Jacksonville as an assistant coach | I guess things didn’t work out the way Marrone thought they would | Ground and pound | Quarterback situation | EJ Manuel’s struggles | Believes in EJ | Marshawn Lynch | His mindset coming out of college | His first NFL Training Camp | Takeo Spikes | Anthony Thomas

Jan 28th 2015

Fred on the team hiring Rex Ryan: “Think he’s going to get us over the hump.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • Jan 28th 2015

Dec 1st 2014

All Topics: City of Buffalo the past few weeks | Good to play at home | The team riding him yesterday | Teams defense | Playing the Jets in Detroit | Preparation for the Jets game | Enjoyed the weather with his family | Donte Whitner calling out Bills fans bothers him a lot | Took Whitner’s comments personally | Beating Whitner | Wanting to beat coach Pettine | A fan’s tattoo of him | I was excited about the tattoo | His time in Buffalo | Denver next

Fred on stretch run of games: “You want to be the person they ride on.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • Dec 1st 2014

June 17th 2014

All Topics: Taking 10-14 days off after the season then getting after it | Tweaking some of his workout regimen | Stevie Johnson trade | Business part of the game | Sammy Watkins addition | Bryce Brown addition | Adding depth | Twitter barb from LeSean McCoy | His son telling him he needs to get his Madden speed rating up | E.J. Manuel’s spring | Manuel taking a bigger leadership role | San Antonio beating Miami in the NBA Finals was great |

Fred on LeSean McCoy: “He likes to run his mouth a little bit.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • June 17th 2014

Jan 31st 2014

All Topics: Radio Row | Wanting to experience playing in a Super Bowl before he retires | E.J. Manuel | Thinks Manuel is the guy | Manuel needing to stay healthy | His season | Motivation | Marshawn Lynch’s time in Buffalo | Taking Marshawn under his wing | Marshawn is a tremendous person | Marshawn with the media | Lynch’s run against the Saints a few years back | Its huge for him to see Marshawn having success | Stevie Johnson | Expects Stevie to be back next season | Labels | Would play with a concussion in the Super Bowl | Mike Pettine leaving for Cleveland | Thinks Pettine will be a tremendous head coach

Fred on Marshawn Lynch: “He’s a tremendous person.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • Jan 31st 2014

Aug 02, 2012:

Fred’s thoughts on the team signing Mario Williams: “It was a huge message to say lets go win right now.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • Aug 02, 2012 Interview

Oct 14, 2011:

Fred’s thoughts on football: “This is a game that can forget you quick.”

  • Fred Jackson
  • Oct 14, 2011 Interview

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