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Frank Gore

Info & Stats: Indianapolis Colts Running Back

All Topics: 2017 Season | Andrew Luck injury | Quarterback they have now | Coming off another 1,000 yard season | Off-Season | Not missing a game since 2010 | Competing with the younger guys keeps me honest | His records | Teammate award | Alex Smith | Players he loved watching | Super Bowl | The U back in the day | U family |

Aug 29th 2017

Frank on his rushing stats being with some of the sports greats: “That’s a blessing.”

May 26th 2016

All Topics: First season in Indy | First impression of Andrew Luck | Still loves the game | Ring is the thing | Working out with young guys | Playing a complete game | Young running backs | Heart toughness and will |

Frank’s motivation: “Ring.”

Aug 26th 2015

All Topics: Life as a Colt | Being in San Fran for so long | Colts crowd going nuts after his first preseason carry | Playing with Andrew Luck | Luck’s a different breed | Luck runs the show | Andre Johnson | Reuniting with Andre | Super Bowl | Wanting a shot to win a Super Bowl | Haven’t missed a start since 2011 | Off-season work | Taking care of himself | The U | Grew out of Madden |

Frank on Andrew Luck: “He runs the show.”

Frank Gore

Nov 18th 2014

All Topics: Flight across the country after a win | Red zone struggles | Just not executing in the second half this season | We’re still the hungry team we’ve always been | Win over the Saints | Colin Kaepernick taking heat | His statistics | Everyone was doubting him when he came out of college | I want a ring | We can be as good as previous teams | Jim Harbaugh | We all respect Coach Harbaugh | Easy to follow Harbaugh | Harbaugh doesn’t seem any different | Contract year | Business side of things | Being 31 years old | The Niners having young guys | His off-season workouts | His vision

Frank on the heat Colin Kaepernick receives: “When it’s a team sport it’s not fair.”

Frank Gore

Jan 10th 2014

All Topics: Jungle Karma | NFL Playoffs | Carolina Panthers Sunday | 7 game winning streak | Playing Carolina in November | Michael Crabtree’s return | Postseason is real different | The Lombardi Trophy | Ric Flair visiting the locker room | Playoffs are not about stats

Frank on the Lombardi Trophy: “That’s all you want.”

Frank Gore

Oct 4th 2013

All Topics: Big win over St. Louis last week | Needing to get back to 49ers football | Seattle game | His game against the Rams | Loving what he does | Him and Jim Hargbaugh didn’t get into it at the end of the Colts game | BS stuff | I respect my coach | Colin Kaepernick getting heat | Colin will be fine | Houston on Sunday | Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs saying the league shut the lights out during the Super Bowl | This locker room never gives up | Losing in the Super Bowl | The U being 4-0 |

Frank’s reaction to the reports about him and Coach Harbaugh getting into it during the Indy game: “That was BS.”

Frank Gore

Jan 21st 2013

All Topics: The hard work to get to the Super Bowl | His journey to the Super Bowl | Always believing he could do it | Rallying from 17-0 against Atlanta | Colin Kaepernick’s play | Kaepernick being great with his feet | Atlanta making Kaepernick throw | Not liking the read-option at first | Being a team guy | Bringing out the dirty bird dance after he scored | The home crowd being loud yesterday | The Falcons being a good team | Matching up well against the Baltimore Ravens | The Harbaugh brothers | Ray Lewis | Ray is playing great ball | Baltimore Ravens being a team of destiny? | Ray making everyone better |

Frank on what got him to the Super Bowl: “Always believe, and keep working hard.”

Frank Gore

Sep 04, 2012:

Frank on Alex Smith’s 2011 Season: “I knew Alex could play.”

Frank Gore

Jan 03, 2012:

Frank on how good he would have been if he didn’t suffer several injuries throughout his career: “I would have been real crazy Jim.”

Frank Gore

Aug 04, 2011:

Frank’s thoughts on if Jim visits one of their practices: “You’ll be saying Frank Gore is back man.”

Frank Gore

Sep 09, 2010:

Topics: Off-season at home in Miami | Working out with his college coach | Running style | Durability | Roger Craig’s comments about Frank | Everyone has an opinion | Seattle Seahawks this Sunday | Past success against Seahawks | Playing for Coach Singletary has been great; very straightforward | Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis altercation | Vernon has grown up | Alex Smith | Smith is acting the way you would want | Being in the same system | Liked Brian Westbrook coming in | Not afraid of competition | Cut throat business | Just keep working hard | 2500 rushing yard season possible? | 18 game season would be tough on our body | The U | We are family at the U | Being recruited by Jon Vilma |

Frank Gore

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