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Football Was The Right Call

The Cleveland Browns just blew it. They didn’t start the rock star, and then Andy Luck ripped their hearts out.

And this is not a Monday morning hindsight thing. It’s a last Wednesday head coach thing. Mike Pettine rolled with Brian Hoyer, and Brian Hoyer rolled just like he has for weeks. No moxy, no tds, bad picks, bad play, bad loss. Bad decision coach.

Either Pettine is really stubborn, or he thinks Johnny Manziel is really terrible. Yo coach – could he really be worse than 1 TD and 8 picks over 5 games? It’s like Hoyer is TRYING to give the ball to Football. And his coach won’t let him. So much for wondering how long Hoyer’s leash would be. He wasn’t even wearing one. If he was… you jerk that thing and rip him out the second he forces a terrible end zone throw. Or an any of his awful overthrows.

And you have to love that the lip readers think Johnny was saying “I would have bleeping hit him” when Hoyer airmailed Josh Gordon on a wide open deep ball that may have won them the game… Manziel has said some dumb things- but I agree with him on that one. He could have bleeping hit him. Tim Couch, Spergon Wynn and Seneca Wallace could have hit him. Brian Hoyer missed him. He’s broken. His defense just gave him 4 turnovers and 2 touchdowns… And he couldn’t give them squat.

If I’m on that D, I’m screaming. If I’m in the Dawg Pound, I’m swearing. And if I’m Mike Pettine- I’m apologizing. Football was the right call. I would have bleeping started him.

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