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First Upset Of The Tourney

Bracket alert! Bracket alert! We already have our first major upset of the tournament – UCLA getting an invitation to it.

How many people around the country spit their drink when they UCLA popped on the screen? I bet everybody at Temple and Colorado State did. As well as Miami and Murray State. None of them are going and all of them were shocked when an 11 showed up next to UCLA’S name.

Not a play-in game. Not a 15. Why not just give them Duke’s #1 while you’re at it? Time was some real talk, UCLA coach Steve Alford. No one, anywhere outside of Westwood thinks you deserve that slot, so why don’t you take a moment and tell us why you think you do: quote: “We avoided any bad losses.”

Just those good old fashioned QUALITY losses, Steve-o.

Forget that his guys lost by 32 to Utah and 39 to UK earlier this year, when he says “We avoided any bad losses” – I hear – At least we didn’t embarrass ourselves. But you did. Numerous times.

You probably want me to look at all those quality road wins too, something else the committee looks at. Great, you beat Stanford. That was your best road win, and they’re not even in the tournament field. So you have no quality road wins either. Exactly how did you get an invite.

Selection Committee Chairman Scott Barnes justified the selection saying, “They were gaining steam”

Scottie, gaining steam or gassing out? They lost 4 of their last 10. They were dropping parts. And you dropped the ball.

I understand that UCLA is a big brand, they’re just not a very good team. And both Colorado State and Temple were more deserving of that bid than UCLA. But at least the Committee got cute with it, and stuck the Bruins in against SMU.

And it says here, if Larry Brown can outcoach Phil Jackson in the NBA Finals, he should have no problem turning Steve Alford inside out in the opening round of the tourney. The USA loves SMU.

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