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Father Time

Special shout out to Dwan-Ye!

Thanks for the reminder, old man. The annual reminder that Father Time is still, in fact, undefeated.

Yesterday, the Bulls got the win… but Dwyane still picked up a loss. He had his Mike Jordan at the All-Star Game moment…

Only WoW’s was worse. Breakaway, tries to go up for the one handed dunk, and got stuffed by the rim…

The FRONT of the rim. Like a junior higher trying to dunk in pregame layup lines. Just be glad you can still get net, Dwan-Ye.

Life comes at you fast, doesn’t it. And if life doesn’t, the rim does. The front of it. That’ll happen. To the best of em. And especially if they have played in 167 playoff games in his career, the way Dwyane has…. never was that more apparent when the front of the rim proved to be Dwyane’s daddy.

WOW is 2017’s reminder that everyone tries to cold clock Father Time at some point… Everyone tries to be the one to defy him. But in the end, he wins every time.

But you’re probably asking… What about the Spurs every year? That nursing home all-star squad is always wrecking fools… or what about Vince Carter? Vinsanity is 5-years OLDER than WOW and even he threw down this weekend. You’re right.. and you’re right.

Or maybe you’re not. It’s not that they found a way to land shots on Father Time, it’s that he’s too busy beating Dwan-Ye’s ASSSSS!

Look, I’ll be the one to say it if no one else will… Those fluid-filled knees just can’t get up like they used to. Maybe just stick with the fundamentals, WOW. Ditch the dunks for jump-stop layups and the bottles of Gatorade for cans of ensure.