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Fail To The Victors

The winningest program in college football history is looking for a winning coach. Because Michigan has decided that man is not Brady Hoke.

I’ll ask it again… was anyone not named Brady Patrick Hoke even mildly surprised he got whacked? Was BPH even surprised?? The only surprise out of Ann Arbor was that the big fella made it through the season. Because not only did Hoke’s Wolverines not have nearly enough wins- even worse, they had no identity.

I defy any Maize and Bluer to tell me what Hoke Ball was all about. His offense was terrible. His defense got lit up by rivals. They weren’t old school. They weren’t new school. They were Michigan State’s nerdy little brother and Ohio State’s bye week.

You knew what you were getting from Lloyd Carr. Shoot, even Rich Rod had a distinct brand he was trying to stamp. But don’t get it twisted… just because Team Hoke was no identity doesn’t mean there weren’t memorable images from Big Brady. There was the time he put concussed quarterback Shane Morris back in the game when the kid thought he was playing tennis on Mars. There was the time the program gave away game tickets if you bought a couple of Cokes. And there was that Internet napalm shot of him hovering bratwurst and looking more like the Michelin Man than a Michigan Man.

The Question is – is there any shot their next coach will look like a wild eyed loon in khakis? I don’t care if Jim Harbaugh bleeds Blue. Hard to see the self-professed ultimate competitor leaving the highest level of competition for a college gig. Especially when it’s not even the best gig available and Michigan isn’t even the best team in their own state.

Good luck getting the gobbler. Fail to the Victors.

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