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The Cleveland Browns have had 20 starting quarterbacks over the last 15 years. And none of them ever looked worse than Johnny Manziel did yesterday against the Bengals.

The most anticipated start in recent memory turned into one of the worst performances you’ll ever witness on a Sunday. For real.

It was THAT bad. Manziel looked THAT unprepared. That overwhelmed. That over his head. And the Cincinnati Bengals were IN his head. 2 picks. 80 yards passing. A QBR of ONE. And a 30-to-Nothing humiliation.

His welcome to the NFL moment was 60 minutes long. Dude looked like a bad college quarterback going up against a team of NFL All-Pros. And as for all those questions we’ve been hearing for two years now: Can the rock star handle a pro pass rush? Is he accurate enough? Will he stay in the pocket? Yesterday the answer was Hell (resounding) No to all of the above.

Manziel said after that F-Minus that he’s not going to blame it on “the rookie thing.”

Then what exactly was it – the talent thing? The choke thing? The bust thing? Take a pick. Just don’t tell me it was The Bengals thing. Because that same D gave up 7 touchdowns the week before and got blown out by Brian Hoyer in the last Battle for Ohio.

Cut to every Bengal flashing cash and making it rain on Manziel’s face. His throws were high. His runs were way to slow. Some of his decisions were a joke. Guy looked more like the money-phone swan rider than the Browns future starter.

I know, it was one game. But I also know it was one of the worst these eyes have ever seen. And to the inhabitants of the Dawg Pound you better hope your boy JJF wasn’t DOA. Because it was that bad.

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