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Evander Holyfield

Info & Stats: Former Heavyweight Champion

All Topics: Radio Row | His son Elijah being a big time high school football player | His love for football | Going into boxing instead of football | Boxing being an individual sport | His memorable fights | Tyson fight being the pinnacle of his career | No one giving him a shot against Tyson | Advice from his mom | Tyson’s intimidation | Tyson was the fighter he was most prepared for | Tyson biting his ear | My plan was to bite him back | Riddick Bowe fights | Bowe’s athleticism | George Foreman sneaking one in on him | State of Boxing

Jan 29th 2015

Evander on the fight that sticks out most to him in his career: “Of course, the Tyson fight.”

  • Evander Holyfield
  • Jan 29th 2015

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